Amazon puts former Kindle leader in charge of its pharmacy business

Amazon’s entrance in to the drugstore business might perhaps possibly not have the leader you’d anticipate. CNBC has heard the online retailer has picked Nader Kabbani, an executive who helped establish that the Kindle selfpublishing system, and it has worked in Flex and logistics, to go the drugstore team. While he has distribution chain and delivery encounter, he’s brand new to health care and pharmaceuticals — an odd choice given the frequent challenges involved with haggling drug prices and assuring supply.

Everyone at PillPack, the internet pharmacy Amazon bought in June 2018, will report to Kabbani. CNBC sources claimed the Kabbani was instrumental to completing the PillPack deal, snapping it up in no matter Walmart’s efforts to acquire the provider.

Amazon has declined to comment.

It will not necessarily indicate that Amazon’s fledgling drugstore plan is in difficulty, especially if PillPack’s leadership remains. They could manage the industry-specific challenges while Kabbani handles the top troubles. Nevertheless, the choice of leadership implies Amazon sees this as a logistical dilemma than something that needs pro experience.

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